You can make up your own songs too

Rogers talked about being “committed” to building “a dynasty,” which is a good applause line. However, NBA owners don’t build anything but arenas. Players build dynasties. “Today’s news is difficult to process for our team, our staff, our city, and our fans everywhere,” said Chara, who turns 43 next week and is in his 22nd season. “As players, we love being able to compete and feed off the passion of our fans, but we understand that this challenge facing our world is much bigger than sports. We fully respect the NHL’s decision today and wish everyone good health until we can once again come together to celebrate the game we love.”.

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“I have absolutely no doubt, if anyone tests positive for Covid they should not be in the front line caring for residents, they should not be at their work,” she said. “But if you’re a registered nurse, and you’re in charge of that shift for 12 hours in a care home, which may be 10 miles from anywhere, then that nurse cannot just walk out of the care home. “What I would expect them to do is to go and isolate in a room until they have relief come in.

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