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I just read a report today that said 20 percent of people in the world are regular cannabis consumers, and 45 percent of the people in the world have tried cannabis. So if all these guys stand up and vote for more cannabis freedom, then the politicians will have to listen. We tried logic and reason and compassion but that not working.

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But Machado has never seen his face up on the center field scoreboard quite as he did on Wednesday. In what is becoming a staple of these free agent recruiting visits for every team, the Yankees put Machado smiling kisser on the scoreboard under a Yankees cap. His torso was encased in photoshopped Yankees pinstripes..

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There is no doubt that NFL schedulers have a rather cynical sense of humour Peyton gets to open the window on his season against Cheap Jerseys from china the Steel Curtain, RGIII leads a mutiny in the home of the Bounty and Andrew Luck had the extreme misfortune of testing his mettle at Soldier Field in Chicago. The Colts have very little to offer the Stanford standout in the way of support but WR Reggie Wayne and rookie TE Coby Fleener (also a Stanford Cardinal) should keep Luck grounded through the season and although he threw 3 picks while going 23 45, 309 yards, 1 TD, he showed a pocket presence that leads one to believe there will a lot of good games to come. If Tweetaholic owner Jim Irsay ever finds a way to make good on his deal promises and snags a RB better than Donald Brown, Indy might find a way to surpass the 3 13 record their last promising QB had in his rookie season in 1998.

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