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By deductive reasoning, Grant figured out who it was, even though Bow did not name him. Bow did not throw him under the bus, but keeping the name of the player who allowed that TD is no big deal. Hodges himself, if interviewed, should have conceded that it was his fault, and vow to try and never let that happen again.

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From start to finish, it was exciting. They were respectful, they were receptive, and we all became really good friends with a lot of football and respect in between. Now, Welter was coaching with the Cardinals, telling players what to do. Can’t see how Valenzuela is moving to the center and could attract Republicans when he favors tax money to be used for frivolous things like sports arenas, and even supports raising property taxes. The ads make it sound like he’s on the pro side of law enforcement and emergency responders, which could sway some moderates in his favor, but the funding tax issues will definitely not sit well with conservatives Libertarians. As in the last Presidential election, this Mayoral election will definitely come down to picking the lesser of the evils..

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