The piping along the bottom of the shorts is a

Bahnsen arrived at WCJC on July 1, 1959, after a three year stint as a lieutenant with the United States Air Force. Initially hired as a basketball coach, assistant football coach and physical education instructor, Bahnsen would go on to coach track and field and tennis and oversee the athletic dormitory. He was named athletic director in 1965.

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When you think of viral marketing what comes to mind? Bampo et al (2006) define viral marketing as a form of peer to peer communication in which individuals are encouraged to pass on promotional messages within their social networks. Do you agree? Or have you seen it as something completely different? Such as a fun way for organisations to get their product and service across?The most memorable viral marketing campaigns in recent years are those of Cadbury and their gorilla campaign which has been viewed almost 8 million times on YouTube alone. The campaign was so successful that in the year of its release it was reported by Whitehead (2008) that the revenue of the organisation grew by 5%.

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“We normally have one of the families who have been impacted by cancer speak at the event. “Through this annual event children can go on camps to Lunar Park, activities and treetop adventures. It makes them children again and they are with children who have gone through the same thing.

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