“People did a lot of research and they saw your

But this isn’t just about safeguarding access to justice; it’s also about exposing shenanigans and abuses of power by those entrusted to uphold and defend the law,” Grassley said.The documents show that Flynn and Kislyak spoke multiple times about foreign policy between the time Trump had been elected and took office. The call that Flynn pleaded guilty to lying about took place on Dec. 29, 2016, the day after President Barack Obama announced sanctions against Russia for election interference.In it, Flynn urges Kislyak that any actions Russia takes in response be “reciprocal.””Don’t don’t make it don’t go any further than you have to.

wholesale nfl jerseys Jedrick Wills, OT, AlabamaWith Becton going to the Giants, this is an easy pick for the Cardinalsgiven they already addressed their need for a No. 1 wide receiverby trading for DeAndre Hopkins. Humphries on the left side. “That’s my point. Nothing that I said in my mind was anything racial.”As Marx spoke, members of the audience shouted over him, with some residents saying this was not his first insensitive or racist remark on social media.Marx said he declined the request to resign and that he did not believe he did anything that warrants his resignation.Afterward, the board voted unanimously to ask for Marx’s resignation.Marx refused and said he does not believe in giving in to bullying and mob mentality.Marx and Moore did not immediately return requests for comment Friday.Many residents delivered emotional statements at Thursday’s meeting.Myla Cox, 17, a student at Brown University, who grew up in Petal, said she faced a stigma at the Ivy League school because she was from Mississippi.”Everybody looked down on me, everybody saw the type of people that ran my city, specifically you,” she told Marx. “People did a lot of research and they saw your social media and they saw what you said and what you openly didn’t apologize for.”Cox said she had to work her freshman year to earn the respect of her peers.”I’m very intelligent and for people to already have this kind of stigma because of words that you’ve said that didn’t at all reflect my opinion infuriates me,” Cox told Marx. wholesale nfl jerseys

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