MDN: Why is softball important to you?PP: It was

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Just staying together, trying to have Zoom meetings, sending out Remind messages and asking them to do some things on their own.MDN: Why is softball important to you?PP: It was slowpitch back in the day, back when I started playing. I been playing some brand of softball, one or the other, since I was very young. Whether it be playing Out with the neighbors, playing slowpitch while I was in high school or being involved with fastpitch when I was in college.Afterward, playing slowpitch.

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There were also plenty of positives. Elias Pettersson won the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year in 2019. The draft, held in Vancouver, saw the Canucks select another exciting prospect in Vasili Podkolzin in the first round, then find some intriguing prospects like Nils Hglander on day two.

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