It has a release date of July 17

This way they haven needed to put anything on film in the passing game for weeks. They have barely needed to do anything tricky in the run game either. They have been able to be bland on offense without showing any of their shots. With only two attorneys/partners, it was of course mandatory that one be declared the senior and the other the junior. The senior partner was Oscar Finley, age sixty two, a thirty year survivor of the bare knuckle brand of law found on the tough streets of southwest Chicago. Oscar had once been a beat cop but got himself terminated for crack skulls.

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KOMO reporters were then in the position of covering their colleagues deaths.One of them, Denise Whitaker, said on the street shortly after the crash: is a difficult time for all of us this morning. Anchor Dan Lewis described Strothman as someone really knew how his pictures could tell a million words. Going to miss you guys.

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