Eventually, they co founded the Lorena Borjas

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cheap nfl jerseys Borjas offered to introduce her to people in the community who could benefit from those services, asking Gentili to accompany her late one night while she was distributing condoms to sex workers.”She wasn’t expecting people to come to her,” Gentili said. “She was going to them.”Chase Strangio, deputy director for transgender justice at the LGBT HIV Project of the American Civil Liberties Union, said he first met Borjas in 2009 and started working closely with her in 2010 through his role at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, where he was working on immigration and criminal justice issues.Borjas supported transgender immigrants as they were dealing with arrests, convictions and court apperances.At wholesale jerseys first, Borjas was a client, but “quickly she became a colleague and co conspirator,” he said.”She brought people into the office every week who needed legal support and made sure that I was paying attention to the crisis of policing and deportation facing her community,” Strangio wrote in an email to CNN.The two worked together to support transgender Latina immigrants and others who were dealing with arrests, convictions and court appearances, he said. Eventually, they co founded the Lorena Borjas Community Fund, which helps transgender people and others pay for legal costs and bail.Bianey Garcia, an activist at Make the Road New York, said she first met Borjas when she was 17 during a time when she lived “a crazy life.” One of her earliest memories of Borjas was when she invited her to a support group.Later, Garcia, who was previously a sex worker, said she was arrested and incarcerated at Rikers Island cheap nfl jerseys.

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