Defensive tackle Grady Jarrett said the new uniforms

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cheap nba Jerseys free shipping Something our world needs more of, especially in these tough times.”The Falcons had planned to unveil the changes next Tuesday, but ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that internet leaks pushed their plans forward.There are up to eight different uniform combinations, including a throwback to the team’s inaugural 1966 season and a new “Rise Up” alternate uniform, which features a red jersey.Defensive tackle Grady Jarrett said the new uniforms could energize a Falcons team that missed the playoffs for the second straight season in 2019.”I think these new uniforms will give us, give the city a new energy and I think people are going to really be excited about it,” Jarrett said. “We know this is a tough time for everyone right now, but we hope this can bring some excitement and light to our city and our fans. Around the whole world everybody knows what ATL stands for, so we’re proud to represent that, today and every day.”Atlanta’s NFC South counterpart, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, unveiled their new threads on Tuesday. cheap nba Jerseys free shipping

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