4 LIFE and from the are on the 2019 edition

We are going with off grid because a large Composting system is one third of the cost of a septic tank and rain water harvest and bulk water purchase is practically nothing as compared to a well. Solar is a 100 percent effective way to produce all the power you need if you know how to reduce what you are used to using. We have an eighteen thousand pound 5th wheel at 400 square feet that uses less then 50 amps at 120/240 volts. The cost of a 50 amp, 240 volt system with inverters and batteries in a package (Pre constructed cabinet) is half the cost of having a half mile of line run in from the nearest pole. At 62 I don’t expect to live much longer then the life expectancy of the system at 20 years, and by then we should have more development and commercial power throughout the area. We also plan on a Compressed Earth Block home and have designed it to also use the 50 amp solar system and six person composting waste system (There are just two of us)..

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